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Goodbye Vaginismus pelvic floor training course for women suffering from Vaginismus and Dyspareunia / painful intercourse

Vaginismus is one of the most common sexual disorders in women. An estimated 15-30% of all women suffer from vaginismus or dyspareunia, i.e. pain during sexual intercourse, at some point in their lives. The suffering is enormous because it not only puts a strain on the woman's sexuality but can also be a challenging time for the relationship.

The good news is that vaginismus is usually not a permanent condition, but can be improved with exercises and the courage to face the issue. The most important and at the same time most difficult part is to take your time, trust yourself and your body and minimize pressure and stress.


My pelvic floor training course is holistically and includes physical exercises as well as aspects of the psyche and soul. There are relaxation techniques, knowledge about the symptoms, information about myths about sexual intercourse, the opportunity to individually research the causes, exercises to do at home, partner exercises to do at home, cycle tracking, journaling reflection and much more.


There is also the opportunity to exchange experiences with other affected women and have questions answered by an experienced sex therapist.


The primary goal is to bring lightness to the topic and to view vaginismus as a temporary condition. In further steps, each woman approaches the goal individually at her own pace, initially making small changes that ultimately lead to painless, passionate and pleasurable sex.

The course s for you when you

  • have pain during sexual intercourse or when inserting tampons

  • are afraid of the gynecological examination

  • sexual intercourse is not possible due to pain or tightness of the vagina

  • being afraid of the thought of sexual intercourse

Course description

  • pelvic floor exercises (guided)

  • fantasy journeys “journey to your inner center” and “my very own erotic space”

  • exercises for body awareness

  • breath work

  • partner exercises to do at home

  • instructions and templates for journaling/reflection

  • meet and welcome your gender

  • cycle tracking

  • Wheel of Consent® by Dr. Betty Martin (basic introduction)

You will get

  • all exercises as PDF

  • Wheel of Consent - Instructions

  • Journaling template for reflection


8 sessions each 60 minutes

online or in person

€ 440 + VAT 


max. 12 participants 

Next course Praxis Weisse Villa

August 27, 7-8 pm (German)

Next course online

August 29, 7-8pm (German)

Contact me without obligation for an information meeting.

Together we will see if the course is right for you.

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