As a certified psychosexual counselor / associate therapist I can help you explore different aspects of your love life with the goal to empower you to be yourself (best). Through systemic therapy, talking therapy and a multitude of techniques we will explore your needs and desire and take action to achieve them.

Couples therapy and sex therapy can cover:

  • sex life after having a baby
  • low or no desire
  • affairs and infidelity 
  • open marriage negotiation
  • pain during sex
  • sex education
  • desire discrepancies
  • Polyamory
  • lack of orgasm
  • sexual dysfunction
  • sexual identity issues

BDSM friendly

Nina Jares

Sexual Counselor (DGfS)
Associate Systemic Therapist (DGSF) 

Couples and Sex Therapy (IGST/Gottman)

Social Worker (state certified, M.A.)