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in person

Systemic counselling practice for
and relationship
related topics


sex therapy, couples counseling, sex counselling and courses

I offer counselling services on the topics of sexuality and relationships

My approach is holistic since I include the body, soul and psyche. Meetings take place in conversation form. 

Nina Jares

Systemic therapist (DGSF)

Systemic couple therapist (DGSF)

Systemic sex therapist (IGST)

Sexual Counselor (DGfS)

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Counselling services

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Sex Counselling

To enjoy a self-determined, sensual and pleasurable sexuality or for sexual insecurities, disorders and dissatisfaction.

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Couples Counselling

Resolve situations that keep you stuck, conduct a relationship check for relationships in crisis, or identify ways to invite self-care.


individual counselling

practical input

email follow-up


For a special and intensive new start to bring about lasting positive changes in your love life and relationships.

Goodbye Vaginismus


and in person

A holistic course with the goal to treat vaginismus, vulvodynia or pain during sexual intercourse.

Carefully coordinated exercises and personal support in a live group setting.

This pelvic floor training course is for women suffering from Vaginismus and Dyspareunia / painful intercourse.

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non-judgmental space

What to expect

scientific expertise

inspiration for change

exercises to practice at home

appreciation for your topic

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My wish is to debunk myths about sexuality and to support people to live relationships and intimacy the way they wish.

I'm happy to guide you on your journey to pleasant and joyful relationships and desire.

Feel free to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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