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Couples Counselling
Couples Therapy

Resolve situations that keep you stuck, conduct a relationship check for relationships in crisis, or identify ways to invite self-care and harmony. You can seek help to achieve better communication, increase trust, and enhance intimacy.  

The systemic counselling approach focuses on concerns you have, with a partnership to solution finding. I will help you with precise questions, tools, and interventions to substantiate your concerns, explore various solutions, share impulses, and guide you work out ways to integrate planned changes into your everyday life.

What couples counselling is good for

  • recurring conflicts in the partnership

  • balance between care work, job and free time

  • reduce stress in everyday life

  • affairs and infidelity

  • improve communication

  • separation thoughts

  • dating

  • lack of trust

  • alienation in the relationship

  • lack of respect and recognition

  • raising children together

  • lack of balance between closeness and distance

  • enhance desire

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Esther Perel
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