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Systemic Sex Therapy 
Sex Counselling

Sex counselling is for you to enjoy a self-determined, sensual and pleasurable sexuality or for sexual insecurities, disorders and dissatisfaction. It can help you identify and work through sexual challenges, such as low sex drive, pain during sex, and difficulty having an orgasm. Another goal can be to improve sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy may benefit anyone who wants to improve their relationship with sex and pleasure. Sexuality is a form of communication, often enriches our lives and fulfills the desire for closeness: physically, mentally and emotionally. Sex shows recognition and connects, gives confirmation, trust and security. 

In one or more appointments we focus on your concerns in a holistic, solution-oriented and non-judgmental way. 

What sex therapy is good for:

  • lack of sexual desire

  • difficulty having an orgasm

  • pain during sex

  • inability to have penetrative sex

  • difficulty getting or keeping an erection

  • premature ejaculation 

  • body awareness

  • discovering own sexuality and preferences

  • (new) sex education

  • polyamory

  • unwanted sexual experiences

  • discrepancies in partner preferences

Eroticism is invention, constant variation.
Sex is always the same.

Octavio Paz
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