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Delightful sexuality is not an innate ability.

How we live sexuality and what we make of it is learned and can be changed throughout our lives.

I offer a space free of judgement for all aspects of sexuality, relationship, femininity and self-care in a trusting and caring environment. 

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Profesional and Personal Orientation

In my work I take a holistic approach and include the body, mind and soul. 

My educational and professional orientation is based on the systemic way of thinking. This means that I look at behaviour in the context of interactions with the system, i.e. the world around us.

I am convinced that, without exception, every situation can be changed and that you carry the solutions (because there is always more than just one) within you. I see it as my task to help you make them visible!

My sessions are characterized by precise questions on my part, sharing facts and scientific research findings, relaxation techniques and suggesting physical exercises to be carried out at home.

Theoretical Orientation

Sessions are interactive and in addition to the classic form of talk therapy can also include exercises with therapeutic materials (paper cards, figures, symbols).


We look at your concerns in a broader way and see them in the context of the world around you.


A holistic approach to sex therapy that also includes physical exercises.


I will debunk up myths and explain what facts science has to offer you.

My qualifications

I am certified systemic therapist (DGSF), systemic couples therapist (DGSF), sex counsellor (DGfS) and have further training in systemic sex therapy (IGST), couples therapy (Dr John Gottman and Dr David Schnarch),Clinical Sexology and Sexocorporel (Karoline Bischof) as well as female pleasure in sex therapy (Dr. Angelika Eck) and affairs and love triangles (Dr. David Schnarch and Dr. Ulrich Clement).


During my studies of social education (equivalent to social work) in Dusseldorf, I spent a few semesters in Hong Kong and also wrote my thesis about the local health care system for schizophrenic patients.

After that, I worked at international schools in Hong Kong (internship), Singapore and Shanghai until I co-founded an international family centre complete with nursery, preschool, kindergarten, and reception classes in Shanghai in 2008. I managed the international family centre for several years. 


Upon my return to Germany, I worked as a family therapist/counsellor, as a couple and sex therapist, and as a counsellor for sexual violence against children and teenagers. Alongside this calling I have been running my own private practice since January 2021.


I regularly provide workshops and training courses for professionals in education and address psychological concerns with social professions. In addition, I support students on topics of sexual education and the prevention of sexual violence against children and teenagers.

Further Education

  • Systemic Sex Therapy: International Society for Systemic Therapy with Prof. Dr. phil Dipl.-Psych. Ulrich Clement and Dr. Angelica Eck

  • Sex counselling: German Society for Sex Research with Dr. Annette Schwarte

  • Clinical sexology and sexocorporel: advanced training course with Dr. med. Caroline Bishop

  • Sessions with Esther Perel: relationships, sexuality, and couples therapy mit Esther Perel

  • Treating Extramarital Affairs: Crucible Institute Evergreen with Dr. David Snore

  • Couples Therapy Level 1: The Gottman Institute, Seattle with Dr. John Gottman

  • Systemic Counselling (German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy)



  • Social and cultural sciences, degree in 2004 as a state-certified social worker (equivalent to M.A.) (Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences)


Advanced training (excerpt)

  • Sessions, Clinical Training for Professionals (Esther Perel, New York) ongoing

  • LGBTQIA+ Working with Diversity (Karina Kehlet Lins)

  • Treating Extramarital Affairs Clinical Workshop (Dr David Schnarch, Evergreen)

  • Trauma therapy (University Hospital Ulm)

  • Prevention of sexual abuse against children (Ulm University Hospital)

  • Female desire in sex therapy (Dr. Angelika Eck)

  • "Then you can do with me what I want" A differentiation-oriented view of couples and their sexual problems (Berit Brockhausen)

  • BDSM in Psychotherapy (Karina Kehlet Lins)

  • Forensic Psychology (Open University, UK)

Career history

  • Private practice for sex and couple counselling in Düsseldorf / Hilden / Online

  • Sex and couples therapy in a medical care centre in Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Systemic counsellor for families and individuals at an outpatient institute for youth welfare, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Specialist against sexual violence against children and teenagers, Langenfeld, Germany

  • Education Director and co-founder of the Sino European International Private School, Shanghai, China

  • Social worker at international schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, China

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