SEX THERAPY for women

online | individual sessions | English and German | holistic | by Nina Jares


My offer is to assist you explore different aspects of your love life with the goal to empower you to live and love exactly the way you wish.

Through systemic therapy, talking therapy, the sexocorporal approach (exercises to practice alone at home) and a multitude of therapeutic techniques you will explore your needs and desire and we take action to achieve them.


  • sex life after having a baby
  • low or no desire
  • affairs and infidelity 
  • open marriage negotiation
  • pain during intercourse
  • sex education
  • desire discrepancies
  • polyamory
  • lack of orgasm
  • sexual dysfunction
  • Vaginismus
  • sexual identity issues
  • divorce / separating

BDSM friendly


Orientation Session

15 min: 35 € incl. 19% German VAT

Initial Session

90 min: 210 € incl. 19% German VAT

Regular Session

50 min: 125 € incl. 19% German VAT

It is mandatory to book the "Initial Session" before booking a "Regular Session".
Late cancelations of less than 24h (except "Orientation Session"  are charged with €100).

In the media

My wish is to debunk myths about sexuality and prominent social beliefs that disrupt intimate connections between partners and with oneself. 

Nina Jares

Nina Jares

Sexual Counselor (DGfS)
Systemic Sex Therapist (IGST) 

Systemic Individual-, Family and Couples Counselor (DGSF)

Licensed Social Worker (M.A.)